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Ok boys and girls, so heres the plan . . .


As a music creator music producer I am constantly writing guitar riffs and music so, time to put it all to some good use.


Another thing I hope you noticed is the photo on the MANTAS page of me with 4 abandoned kittens whilst on vacation . . if not please take a look.


Virtually every pet I have had since being a kid has been a rescue animal . . cats, dogs, rabbits and even a mouse and a hamster! Yes, your friendly neighbourhood Metal Maniac is a big softy at heart, especially when it comes to these little guys.


If you are anything like me Im sure it absolutely sickens and disgusts you to see how some 'so called human beings' treat those who when given a safe environment in which to live return that small consideration with so much unconditional love.


I know we cant change the world overnight but we can make a small difference if we do it together, no matter how small . . it helps.








Well, heres the deal . . as I have already said, I am constantly writing music and so rather than have it sit on a computer hard drive gathering dust I thought I would like to put it to some use.



And here is how it will work . . .


All I require from you is, your name and country of residence and your email address.


25% of all money raised from the sale of anything on this site, be it music,

t shirts, artwork or any other form of merchandise including advertised

and linked eBay auctions of memorabilia will go towards purchasing food, blankets or indeed anything needed by my local shelter which relies on donations and help from good people like yourselves. 

I also plan to extend my own small cat sanctuary to give more of these little fur balls a loving and safe forever home. 


All I ask is that when you receive your mp3 is that you don't share it all over YouTube and the like as that will totally defeat the purpose of this effort.


I hope you will help this cause and I thank you all in advance.



Please note that no emails can be answered from this address. PayPal only. 


Please use contact page for correspondence

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