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These images are purely meant for viewing purposes ONLY and NOT for distribution on ANY social media or other internet site.

An absolute honour and a priviledge AND a total surprise to be included in Joel McIvers book.

Having some fun doing a KISS set as ACE FREHLEY!

Dressed To Kill !

With Al Barnes at Impulse Studios, Neat Records 1987.

With Rob Flynn and Phil Demmel backstage at Newcastle Arena.

At Bruce Lee's star in Hollywood USA.

On stage with Last One Dying 2008.

The object of my desire as a kid taking his first steps into the world of guitar . . the Burns Flyte.

If anyone would like to donate one to a worthy cause . . ME . . haha! . . hit the contact page!

At number 39 in Guitar Worlds top 100 

Soundcheck at Waldrock Festival, the first of the original Venom line up reunion shows

No explanation needed . . . nuff said!!

With Metallica at Newcastle Arena. It was so good to see those guys after such a long time. RESPECT!

Meeting Rob Halford at the NAMM show in 2012. As a life long Judas Priest fan this was an incredible moment . . . MAXIMUM RESPECT!

View from the pit, Dynamo Festival 1996 . . . a truly memorable show for me.

Waldrock Festival

With Last One Dying. Had a great tour with them as guest guitarist in 2008 . . great guys, great band!

My first TaeKwon Do Master from 1976.

Winds Of Change video shoot 1987.

From the Prime Evil era.

With Kerry King at Frankfurt Music Messe 2007.

Myself and my girlfriend found these little guys abandoned at the roadside whilst on vacation in Kos. Left without food or water in a box in temperatures up to 40 degrees. We did what we could while we were there to look after them. I hope they made it . . Bless.

With Al Barnes, video shoot 1987.

In Germany with DRYLL Mk1. Great times!

At Impulse Studios, 1987, with Pete Harrison, Kieth Nichol and Al Barnes.

Again from 1987 video shoot.

Mid 80,s magazine poster . . on the same poster as KK . . AWESOME!!

Greece, Metal Invader Festival 1997 . . . who doesn't like to put pyro on a Strat before smashing it . . . great fun!

Recording Resurrection at Karo Studios in Hamburg Germany

Backstage after the Metal Invader Festival 1997, my personal favourite of the reunion period.

I had been going to see bands at the City Hall since 1978, the first being Blue Oyster Cult and here I am in 1985 headlining that very same venue in my hometown . . a real honour

Outside the Hilton with Mr D at the 2012 NAAM SHOW Anaheim California

Somewhere in Europe 1984

Remember . . these photos are NOT for sharing or distribution . . PLEASE RESPECT THAT otherwise no others will be added . . and there are plenty more to come!

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