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As this is a personal website it will focus on solo projects both musical and otherwise, and my immediate involvement with Venom and Venom Inc.

More general and detailed information regarding Venom Inc can be found at the official Venom Inc website to which there is a direct link on the dedicated Venom Inc page within this site.         

With regards to all photographs shown on this website please be assured that no copyright infringement is intended and are included herein for entertainment and historical purpose.


As a music creator music producer I am constantly writing and although I am primarily known for Heavy Metal, which is without question or doubt my first love, I have always stated  that I am a fan of all good guitar driven music particularly Blues and Classic Rock and as such enjoy writing and experimenting with these genres as an outlet for all the ideas that are continually buzzing around in my head.


So with that in mind you may find some things on this site which you might feel is totally out of character but to me is a necessary release of creativity . . . and who knows, with an open mind you may even enjoy listening to some of it as much as I have enjoyed creating it.


Music is a vast and varied menu from which we all have the choice of what to consume and enjoy and just as in any restaurant they will always be things that we overlook because it does not appeal or fit with who we appear to be to the outside world, but always remember . . . one taste may change your mind.


This site is dedicated to all of you who have followed and supported my carreer over the last 30 something years and for that you have my eternal gratitude . . . without you guys I would not exist.


This site is also meant for Industry or Individuals who may be interested in working with me in any of the capacities that you will find here. 


This site will be updated as much as time will allow me so keep checking back.


jeff mantas guitarist venom,
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